Anekōji Takatsuna


Anekōji Clan


Hida Province

Lifespan:  15xx to Tenshō 4 (1576)

Rank:  bushi

Title:  Governor of Hida

Clan:  Anekōji (Mukai-Kojima or Hida-Furukawa)

Father:  Anekōji Naritsugu

Siblings:  Narutoshi, Takatsuna

Children:  Mukai Nobumasa (?)

Note:  There is a theory that he is the same individual as Tamuke Shigetsugu

Anekōji Takatsuna served as a bushi during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  Takatsuna was the lord of Kotakari Castle in Hida Province.   He is also surmised to have built Mukade Castle in Takano in Furukawa, but the details are uncertain.

Family origins

Early in the fifteenth century, the Anekōji family split into three branches comprised of the Kojima (the main branch of the family based at Kojima Castle), the Furukawa (based at Furukawa Castle), and the Mukai (also known as the Mukai-Kojima family owing to their base at Mukai-Kojima Castle).  Each family carried the title as provincial governor, but the Kojima were the only official governors while the other two branches are surmised to have only assumed the title.  The Muromachi bakufu favored the Kojima in recognition of their status as the main branch.  Takatsuna was associated with the Mukai-Kojima lineage.

In 1411, in a conflict known as the Hida Disturbance, Furukawa Tadatsuna raised arms and attacked the other branches at Kojima and Mukai-Kojima castles.  The bakufu responded by ordering Kyōgoku Takamitsu to eliminate Tadatsuna.  Outnumbered by the bakufu army,  Tadatsuna attempted to fight back but was ultimately defeated.  Thereafter, Furukawa Mototsuna (the grandson of Tadatsuna and the head of the Furukawa) and his son (Naritsugu) overthrew the Kojima family and seized the position as the main branch of the Anekōji, but, after the death of Furukawa Narutoshi in 1527, the family was beset by conflict and finally came to an end.  Meanwhile, the Mukai were eliminated by the Ushimaru clan.

Uncertainties regarding his demise

There is a theory that he died in 1576 in the midst of events surrounding the Anekōji family, but there are no references to him in historical accounts after 1530, so many points remain unknown.  There is no record that he inherited the headship of the clan.  According to one theory, after the death of Anekōji Naritoshi (Takatsuna’s older brother) on 10/2 of Daiei 7 (1527), Naritoshi was succeeded by Tamuke Shigetsugu as the head of the Anekōji family (Furukawa clan).  According to one theory, this is the same individual as Takatsuna.  If this is correct, then Takatsuna did inherit the Anekōji family.  There is also a theory that Mukai Nobumasa was in fact Takatsuna’s son, but the details remain uncertain.  Nobumasa was a member of the Anekōji family who, after the death of Takatsuna, became the lord of Kotakari Castle.  Later, following a betrayal by his guardian, Nobumasa fled and served Satake Yoshinobu in Hitachi Province (through connections of his mother) becoming a chief retainer.

According to one record, after the death of Narutoshi, Shigetsugu did inherit the Anekōji family but, in 1556, Shigetsugu was eliminated by Mitsuki Yoshiyori (later known as Anekōji Tsuguyori).