Anekōji Suetsuna


Anekōji Clan


Hida Province

Lifespan:  15xx to Tenshō 11 (1583)

Other Names:  Nabeyama Suetsuna or Nabeyama Mototsuna (after adoption by the Nabeyama clan)

Rank:  bushi

Clan:  Mitsuki-Anekōji

Father:  Anekōji Yoritsuna

Siblings:  Nobutsuna, Hidetsuna, Suetsuna, Mitsuki Naotsuna, Kojima Motoyori, Mitsuki Chikatsuna, sister (wife of Endō Yoshitaka), sister (wife of Mukai Nobumasa)

Anekōji Suetsuna served as a bushi during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  He was a member of the Mitsuki-Anekōji family and, following his adoption by the Nabeyama clan, was known as Nabeyama Suetsuna.

Suetsuna was born as the third son of Anekōji Yoritsuna.

In 1583, Nabeyama Akitsuna (Yoritsuna’s younger brother and Suetsuna’s uncle) was murdered by Yoritsuna upon suspicions of plotting a rebellion by colluding with Hashiba Hideyoshi.  Later, Anekōji Nobutsuna (Yoritsuna’s eldest son and Suetsuna eldest brother) was killed upon suspicions of complicity in the plot.  Consequently, Anekōji Hidetsuna (Yoritsuna’s second son and Suetsuna next older brother) was treated as the heir to the family and temporarily assigned to Nabeyama Castle.  As the nominal adoptee of Nabeyama Akitsuna, Suetsuna inherited the Nabeyama clan and became the lord of Nabeyama Castle.

In 1585, upon the outbreak of the Conquest of Hida by the army of Hashiba Hideyoshi, Suetsuna converged with Hidetsuna at Hida-Matsukura Castle to mount a defense against the invading forces.

Matsukura Castle was a fortress situated in steep terrain, enabling the defenders to ward-off the assault by Kanamori army for several days, but the besieging forces outnumbered the defenders.  This led to the occupation of the outer citadel by members of the division in the Kanamori army led by Ushimaru Chikatsuna along with kunishū, or provincial landowners, previously driven-out of Hida.  Meanwhile, among the castle garrison, retainers of Fujise Shinzō betrayed Hidetsuna in favor of the Kanamori army and, under cover of darkness, set fire to the castle.  In the midst of the ensuing chaos, the Kanamori army launched an all-out assault and toppled the castle.

Prior the fall of the castle, Hidetsuna and Suetsuna escaped, but in an area downstream the Daikon River in Shinano Province, were assaulted by locals and killed in a practice known as ochimushagari, or the hunting by locals of fleeing samurai.

It is surmised that Suetsuna and Hidetsuna fled to Shinshū (Shinano) to seek the protection of Tokugawa Ieyasu with the aim of mounting a resurgence.

Nabeyama Castle was situated in the strategic location of Hachiga so Yoritsuna assigned his relatives (Akitsuna and Suetsuna) to serve as the lords of the castle.