Anekōji Nobutsuna


Anekōji Clan


Hida Province

Lifespan:  15xx to Tenshō (1583) (?)

Rank:  bushi

Title:  Lieutenant of Outer Palace Guards of the Left Division

Clan:  Anekōji

Father:  Anekōji Yoritsuna

Mother:  Daughter of Saitō Dōsan

Siblings:  Nobutsuna, Hidetsuna, Nabeyama Mototsuna, Ichinomiya Tsunahiro, Kojima Motoyori, Mitsuki Suetsuna, Mori Naotsuna, Mitsuki Chikatsuna, sister (wife of Endō Yoshitaka)

Anekōji Nobutsuna served as a bushi and noble during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.

Nobutsuna was born as the eldest son of Anekōji Yoritsuna.

The character “Nobu” in his first name is deemed to have been received from the name of Oda Nobunaga.

In 1576, he attended a coming-of-age ceremony held for a noble.  Yoritsuna engaged the authorities in Kyōto to appoint Nobutsuna to an official position.

In 1579, Yoritsuna moved from his base at Sakurabora Castle to Matsukura Castle and retired, whereupon Nobutsuna became the lord of Sakurabora Castle.

After succeeding his father, Yoritsuna, as the head of the Anekōji family, he is surmised to have changed his name to Nobutsuna (the same pronunciation but written with a different character) and was assigned to the territory of the controlled by the former Furukawa clan.

In 1583, Nobutsuna, together with his uncle, Mitsuki Akitsuna, were murdered upon suspicion of plotting a rebellion.  Consequently, Nobutsuna’s next younger brother, Anekōji Hidetsuna, was treated as the designated heir and, after the killing of Akitsuna, was temporarily assigned to Nabeyama Castle.

There is a record that he died at the age of eighteen.