Ashikaga Jundōji


Ashikaga Clan


Harima Province

Lifespan:  14xx to 7/1 of Entoku 3 (1491)

Rank:  Individual

Clan:  Ashikaga (family of the Horigoe kubō)

Father:  Ashikaga Masatomo (the first Horigoe kubō)

Mother:  Enman-in (daughter of Musha-no-kōji Takamitsu – either the formal wife of consort of Masatomo)

Siblings:  Ashikaga Yoshizumi, Chachamaru (older brother of a different mother), Jundōji

Ashikaga Jundōji lived during the latter part of the Muromachi period.  His birth year is unknown and he died in the autumn of 1491.   Jundōji was a member of the Ashikaga clan and third son of Ashikaga Masatomo, the first Horigoe kubō.  His mother, Enman-in, was the daughter of Mushakōji Takamitsu and consort (or formal wife) of Masatomo.  His natural brother, Ashikaga Yoshizumi, served as the eleventh shōgun of the Muromachi bakufu.  His half-brother of a different mother, Ashikaga Chachamaru, was ordered by his father to be incarcerated owing to delinquent behavior.  In accordance with Masatomo’s wishes, Yoshizumi entered the Tenryū Temple in Kyōto as the designated successor to the shōgun.  Consequently, Jundōji was nominated as the heir to Masatomo.  According to one theory, Enman-in desired Jundōji to become Masatomo’s successor, in furtherance of which she slandered Chachamaru to prevent him from holding a coming-of-age ceremony.  Chachamaru was then removed from the line of succession and incarcerated.

Following the death of Masatomo in 1491, Jundōji became the second Horigoe kubō as planned.  That same year, Jundōji and his mother, Enman-in, were both killed by Chachamaru after Chachamaru killed the guard and escaped from prison.