The Individuals Category features:

  • An index of sengoku daimyō
  • An index  of shugo daimyō
  • An index of daimyō
  • An index of bushō (divided by alphabetical groups)
  • An index of members of the Ashikaga clan
  • An index of infamous groups
  • An index of women of Sengoku
  • An index of monks
  • An index of nobles
  • An index of cultural figures
  • An index of merchants and others
  • A biography of Oda Nobunaga

Sengoku Daimyō

Sengoku daimyō from all provinces

Shugo Daimyō

Shugo daimyō from all provinces


Daimyō from all provinces


Bushō from all provinces

Ashikaga Clan

Members of the Ashikaga clan and their roles

Infamous Groups

Infamous groups of bushō


Prominent women during the Sengoku period


Influential religious figures

Nobles / Artisans / Merchants

Assorted cultural figures

Oda Nobunaga

A biography of Oda Nobunaga