Kōji Rebellion


Hatakeyama Clan

Noto Province

Nukui Clan

Date:  Kōji 1 (1555) to Eiroku 3 (1560)

Location:  Noto Province

Outcome:  After the assassination of Nukui Fusasada, the rebels attempted over a period of years to oust Hatakeyama Yoshitsuna, but were unable to overcome their disadvantage from the early stages of the conflict.

Commanders:  Hatakeyama Yoshitsuna (commander-in-chief), Igawa Mitsunobu, Taira Tsugushige and Chō Tsugutsura (siblings), Yusa Tsugumitsu, Miyake Tsugunaga (father of Munetaka), Yashiro Toshimori, Kai-no-shō Ieshige, Yamada Sakon-no-suke (later switched sides), Jinbō Nagayori (Suō-no-kami, son of Tsunanobu)

Forces:  Unknown

Casualties:  Unknown

Commanders:  Hatakeyama Harutoshi (commander-in-chief), Nukui Tsugumune (Fusasada’s son), Nukui Tsugumoto (Fusasada’s younger brother), Nukui Takakage, Miyake Fusahiro, Miyake Tsunahisa, Miyake Tsunakata (later switched sides), Miyake Toshikage, Miyake Keipo, Jinbō Tsunanobu (son of Naganobu)

Forces:  Unknown

Casualties:  Hatakeyama Harutoshi, Nukui Tsugumune, Miyake Fusahisa, Jinbō Tsunanobu, Nukui Tsunasada, Miyake Toshikage

The Kōji Rebellion occurred from Kōji 1 to Eiroku 3 (1555 to 1560) in Noto Province.

The conflict arose after Hatakeyama Yoshitsuna assassinated Nukui Fusasada to remove Fusasada’s grip on power over the Noto-Hatakeyama family.  In 1555, the Nukui clan and the Miyake clan (who had close ties to the Nukui) rebelled against Yoshitsuna in response to the assassination of Fusasada.  The Nukui backed Hatakeyama Harutoshi, a member of the Hatakeyama family, to become the next head of the clan.  The conflict escalated after the Nukui brought in Ikkō-ikki forces for support.  Families such as the Hatakeyama and Miyake had members on each side of the conflict.

From 1555 to the Spring of 1558

From the early stages, the rebel army was in a weaker position.  Over this period, those killed in action included Hatakeyama Harutoshi (the commander-in-chief) and other members of the faction under him such as Nukui Tsugumune, Jinbō Fusashige (Tsunashige), and Miyake Fusahiro.  Moreover, Miyake Tsunakata switched sides to Yoshitsuna’s faction so that, in sum, the rebel army incurred significant losses and temporarily retreated to Kaga Province.

From the Summer of 1558 to 1559

In the seventh month of 1558, Nukui Tsunasada and others from the opposition invaded Noto again.  In the ninth month, Yamada Sakon-no-suke of Yoshitsuna’s army switched sides to the Nukui but, owing to the deaths in battle of Tsunasada and Miyake Toshikage, the rebel army was forced to retreat.

From 1559 to early 1560

In the third month of 1559, the opposition led the Ikkō-ikki forces on another attack, but were repelled by Chō Tsugutsura and the rebels withdrew to Oshimizu.  Around 1560, the Nukui opposition faction was swept from Noto while Yoshitsuna achieved nearly complete victory and the rebellion came to an end.  Survivors including Nukui Takakage, Miyake Keipo, and Miyake Tsunahisa appeared to have surrendered.