Battle of Shinkanō


Oda Clan

Mino Province

Saitō Clan

Date:  Fourth month of Eiroku 6 (1563)

Location:  Shinkanō in Mino Province

Outcome:  Oda forces invading Mino were intercepted by a lesser number of Saitō forces who prevailed owing to the ambush tactics of Takenaka Shigeharu.

Commanders:  Oda Nobunaga

Forces:  Unknown

Casualties:  Unknown

Commanders:  Saitō Tatsuoki

Forces:  Unknown

Casualties:  Unknown

The Battle of Shinkanō occurred in the fourth month of Eiroku 6 (1563) and was waged between Oda Nobunaga and Saitō Tatsuoki in Mino Province.

In the fourth month of 1563, Nobunaga led an army of 5,700 soldiers into Mino with the aim of subjugating the province.  A Saitō army of 3,500 soldiers launched an attack to intercept the invading forces.  With a greater number of forces, the Oda army appeared likely to win, but were sent into disarray by the ambush tactics of a retainer of Tatsuoki named Takenaka Shigeharu (also known as Takenaka Hanbei).  The Oda army suffered a defeat.

Aftermath of the battle

Rather than recognize Shigeharu for his contributions in this battle, Tatsuoki continued to treat him with scorn.  In the second month of 1564, while Tatsuoki was absent, Shigeharu took over Tatsuoki’s base at Inabayama Castle with a group of just sixteen individuals.  One-half year later, Shigeharu returned the castle to Tatsuoki but then absconded, accelerating the decline of the Saitō family.