Battle of Ozawagahara


Hōjō Clan

Musashi Province

Uesugi Clan

The Battle of Ozawagahara occurred on 6/12 of Kyōroku 3 (1530) and was waged between Uesugi Tomooki and Hōjō Ujiyasu.  Ujiyasu departed from Ozawa Castle and repelled the Uesugi forces, marking a victory for his first experience in battle.  Ujiyasu brought Shimizu Yoshimasa (the son of his wet nurse and retainer of the Hōjō) and Nakajima Hayato-no-suke to launch a surprise attack against the encampment of the Uesugi.

There are various theories concerning the location of the battle in Musashi Province, including: (i) near Kanahodo to the north of the Asao River, or (ii) near Ozawa Castle.  In the case of Kanahodo, at Katsusaka, there is an information board for the historic site from the Hosoyama local archives office.  According to this record, after achieving victory, Ujiyasu excitedly yelled “We won, we won” while riding up the hill from Kanahodo to Hosoyama after which the site was called Katsusaka (with “katsu” meaning to win and “saka” meaning hill).

Kashiwadebe-Yato was the location where food provisions were supplied for this battle.