Battle of Makadobaru


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Aso Clan

The Battle of Makadobaru occurred in Bunmei 17 (1485) in the area of Sugi and Yamada in the town of Yamato in the Kamimashiki District of Higo Province.  This is also known as the Battle of Maku no Hira.


In this period, the site of the battle was a plateau.  It is surmised that this location was chosen because it was alongside the Hyūga roadway which from ancient times had been an important trade route between Higo and Hyūga provinces.  Currently, this area is comprised of farm fields.  Amidst these fields stands a nondescript stone pillar marking the Hyūga roadway and, alongside, an inscription of the ancient battlefield of Maku no Hira.

Aso Koretada, the high priest of the Aso Shrine aligned with the Northern Court (dating from the Nanboku period) appointed Aso Koreie, the son of Aso Koretoshi, the high priest of the Aso Shrine aligned with the Southern Court, but then refused to relinquish his authority and maintained power until shortly before his death.  Subsequently, Koreie and Koretoshi, with the support of Kikuchi Shigetomo (the military governor), came into conflict with Aso Korenori (the son of Aso Koretada) who joined forces with Sagara Yoshitsugu.

Course of events

In 1485, the conflict erupted owing to a dispute between the Sagara clan of Hitoyoshi and the Nawa clan of Uto.  This further escalated on account of an internal conflict in the Aso clan as well as the repercussions of the Battle of Sekitai over control of Kōnoura.

In this battle, the allied forces of Kikuchi Shigetomo and Aso Koretoshi and Aso Koreie fought against the allied forces of Sagara Tametsugu and Aso Korenori.  The battle ended in a defeat for the Kikuchi and their allies.

As a result of this battle, Uto Tamemitsu, a retainer of the Kikuchi who was ousted from Udo in the Battle of Sekitai, forcibly recovered Udo while the Sagara clan acquired Yashiro and Toyofuku.

Owing to their defeat, the Kikuchi clan rapidly lost their authority.