Battle of Kashii


Edo Bakufu (Tokugawa)

Izumi Province

Toyotomi Clan

Date:  4/29 of Keichō 20 (1615)

Location:  Kashii in Izumi Province

Synopsis:  In the Summer Campaign of the Siege of Ōsaka, the Toyotomi were compelled to engage in field battles against the Edo bakufu forces.  With Ōno Harufusa as commander-in-chief, the Toyotomi aimed to intercept Edo bakufu forces led by Asano Nagaakira descending upon Ōsaka from several provinces.  Vanguard forces from each side clashed at Kashii, with the Toyotomi losing commanders and fleeing in defeat.

Commanders:  Asano Nagaakira, Asano Ujishige, Ueda Shigeyasu, Kameda Takatsuna

Forces:  5,000

Losses:  Unknown

Commanders:  Ōno Harufusa, Ban Naoyuki, Okabe Noritsuna, Tannowa Shigemasa

Forces:  3,000

Losses:  Unknown

The Battle of Kashii occurred on 4/29 of Keichō 20 (1615) during the Summer Campaign of the Siege of Ōsaka between forces of the Edo bakufu and the Toyotomi army.  The clash occurred in Kashii in Izumi Province.

After the Winter Campaign of the Siege of Ōsaka in 1614, the moats surrounding Ōsaka Castle were all filled-in, so, for the Summer Campaign in 1615, the Toyotomi forces were compelled to depart the castle and engage in field battles.

As Edo bakufu forces approached Ōsaka Castle from the direction of Kawachi, Yamato and Kii provinces, the Toyotomi army committed to attack Asano Nagaakira of Kii, and, with Ōno Harufusa serving as the commander-in-chief, sent 3,000 troops including by Ban Naoyuki, Okabe Noritsuna, and Tannowa Shigemasa.  The Toyotomi also instigated uprisings in Kii and Izumi provinces in concert with the attacks by the army on Kii.   Owing to indicates of uprisings in the province (the Kishū Uprising), Nagaakira postponed his deployment, but, on 4/28, he departed Wakayama Castle with 5,000 troops.  On the night after the vanguard forces arrived at Sano in Izumi Province, scouts detected advance forces from the Toyotomi army and notified the main base.  At this time, they mistook the size of the Toyotomi army to be 20,000 troops.  Therefore, the Asano forces withdrew to Kashii which was a suitable location to intercept the Toyotomi with a smaller force.  Kameda Takatsuna stayed behind to serve as a rear guard at Yasumatsu in Izumi.

At daybreak on 4/29, hostilities broke-out between Ban Naoyuki and Okabe Noritsuna from the vanguard forces of the Toyotomi on one side and Kameda Takatsuna and the rear guard on the other side.  The Kameda forces deployed delay tactics to lure the Toyotomi army to Kashii.  In Kashii, the Kameda forces were joined by Asano Tomochika and Ueda Shigeyasu in a violent clash against the Toyotomi army.  Ban Naoyuki and Okabe Noritsuna charged ahead so that other forces could not keep up, and, before long, Noritsuna fled in defeat while Naoyuki and Tannowa Shigemasa were killed in action.  After the battle, the Asano forces initially withdrew to the mountains of Kii.  Ōno Harufusa, who aimed to attack the ikki forces responsible for the uprising in Kii, was surprised at the clashes on the front and rushed to Kashii.  However, he arrived after the Asano forces had already withdrawn so returned to Ōsaka Castle.

The uprisings in Izumi failed after a retainer of Ōno Harunaga sent to direct the uprising from Ōsaka Castle was captured by Asano forces.  Meanwhile, the uprisings in Kii were suppressed through the designs of Kumagai Jibu and Terasawa Hanbei.