Battle of Inukake


Satomi Yoshitaka

Awa Province

Satomi Yoshitoyo

Date:  Tenbun 3 (1534)

Location:  Inukake in Minami-Bōsō in Awa Province

Synopsis:  In this era, the Satomi and Hōjō clans were archrivals for the control of territory in the Kantō.  Satomi Yoshitoyo was the fourth head of the Satomi clan in Awa Province.  After learning that the head of the Hōjō approached a close associate of his uncle, Satomi Sanetaka, he feared a coup d’état.  He then summoned Sanetaka and the associate to his castle and had them murdered.  The surviving sons of the victims then combined forces with the Hōjō to eliminate Yoshitoyo at Inukake.

Commanders:  Satomi Yoshitaka, Masaki Tokishige, Masaki Tokitada

Forces:  Satomi and Masaki forces plus reinforcements from the Hōjō

Losses:  Unknown

Commanders:  Satomi Yoshitoyo

Forces:  Unknown

Losses:  Satomi Yoshitoyo and others unknown

The Battle of Inukake occurred in Tenbun 3 (1534) in Inukake in Minami-Bōsō in Awa Province.

This event arose from an internal conflict between cousins in the Satomi clan, namely, Satomi Yoshitoyo (the fourth head of the Satomi clan) and his cousin, Satomi Yoshitaka.  In this clash at Inukake, which served as the culmination of a family quarrel, Yoshitaka prevailed over Yoshitoyo.

Yoshitoyo succeeded to the headship of the clan after the death of his father, Satomi Yoshimichi (the third head of the Satomi clan) and entered Inamura Castle in the Awa District of Awa Province.  Meanwhile, Yoshimichi’s younger brother, Satomi Sanetaka (the uncle of Yoshitoyo), and his son, Yoshitaka, entered Kanaya Castle.

From his base in Odawara Castle, Hōjō Ujitsuna aimed to advance into Kazusa Province.  In a bid to expel Yoshitoyo, he approached Masaki Michitsuna, a close associate of Sanetaka and Yoshitaka.  Fearing a coup d’état, Yoshitoyo called his uncle, Sanetaka, and close associate, Michitsuna, to Inamura Castle and had them murdered.  This incident gave rise to the battle.

After the murder of his father at Inamura Castle, Yoshitaka joined forces with Masaki Tokishige and Masaki Tokitada (the orphans of Masaki Michitsuna) and decided to kill Yoshitoyo as revenge for the murder of their fathers.  Together, they holed-up at Tsukuroumi Castle in Futtsu and requested reinforcements from Hōjō Ujitsuna.  Ujitsuna obliged by sending reinforcements to the castle.  Subsequently, the combined forces of Yoshitaka, the Masaki siblings, and the Hōjō clashed violently against Yoshitoyo and his army at Inukake.  During the course of this battle, Yoshitoyo was killed in action.  Later, Yoshitaka replaced Yoshitoyo, becoming the fifth head of the Awa-Satomi clan.

In a long novel written in the late Edo period by an author named Kyokutei Bakin, Inukake is identified as the birthplace of a character named Yatsufusa suggesting that the location has ties to the Satomi clan.