Battle of Harate


Amago Clan

Izumo Province

Mōri Clan

Date:  Eighth month of Eiroku 12 (1569) 

Location:  Harate District of Izumi Province

Synopsis:  After the offensive by Amago revival army to re-take Gassantoda Castle stalled, Oda Suke-emon led a Mōri army of 3,000 forces to annihiliate the Amago.  This army clashed at Hirate with a similar number of forces led by Yamanaka Yukimori of the Amago revival army, and the Amago prevailed.

Lord:  Amago Katsuhisa

Commanders:  Yamanaka Yukimori, Tachihara Hisatsuna, Oki Tamekiyo, Yonebara Tsunahiro

Forces:  Approximately 3,200

Losses:  Unknown

Lord:  Mōri Motonari

Commanders:  Oda Suke-emon, Hattori Sahyōsuke, Dewa Motosuke

Forces:  Approximately 3,000

Losses:  Unknown

The Battle of Harate occurred in the eighth month of Eiroku 12 (1569) and was waged between the Amago revival army led by Yamanaka Yukimori and the Mōri army seeking to annihilate them.  The battle occurred in the Harate District of Izumo Province, giving rise to its name as the Battle of Harate.


In 1569, in a bid to revive the Amago clan, revival forces led by Yamanaka Yukimori backed Amago Katsuhisa as their leader.  Approximately 3,000 forces sailed a fleet of vessels from the waters of Oki Province to Izumo and set-up an encampment at Tadayama.  Thereafter, the forces vigorously attacked castles across Izumo, expanding their reach to the point of bringing most of the province under their control.  This is known as the Invasion of Unshū by the Amago revival army.

To acquire control of Izumo, the revival army had to re-capture the former main base of the Amago at Gassantoda Castle which had been taken by the Mōri in an earlier sweep of the province.  In the Siege of Gassantoda Castle, attacks by the revival forces against their former main base bogged down.  Meanwhile, the Mōri army with Oda Suke-emon as commander-in-chief along with Hattori Sahyōei and others from the Iwami-Ginzan silver mine began a march with an objective to subjugate the revival army.  This Mōri army of approximately 3,000 forces departed from Togura in Izumo destined for the Harate District.  In response, Yamanaka Yukimori led approximately 2,700 revival forces to intercept the Mōri army at Harate.

Course of events

The Mōri army was comprised of three divisions: the First Division under Hattori Sahyōei, the Second Division under Dewa Motosuke, and the Third Division under Oda Suke-emon.  Meanwhile, the Amago revival army included the First Division under Yamanaka Yukimori and Tachihara Hisatsuna, and the Second Division under Oki Tamekiyo.  In the initial stages, the Amago army overwhelmed the first and second divisions of the Mōri, causing them to collapse in disarray.  The Third Division under Oda Suke-emon fought valiantly, but, once forces led by Yonebara Tsunahiro actively joined the battle, the Mōri were roundly defeated.  Oda Suke-emon was killed by Yokomichi Takamune while the remainder totaling 300 forces fled to Akana.


This battle heightened the energy of the Amago revival army.  However, after serving as an ally to the Amago revival army in this battle, Oki Tamekiyo later rebelled in an event known as the Battle of Mihonoseki.  The reasons for this rebellion are unclear, but, according to one theory, Tamekiyo was dissatisfied that his younger brother, Oki Kiyozane, was conferred higher honors for his contributions in this battle than himself.  As a result, he launched a rebellion at Mihonoseki with the support of Amano Takashige, the lord of Gassantoda Castle in Izumo.