Battle of Gyōnindai


Ashikaga Clan

Shimōsa Province

Takagi Clan

Date:  Eishō 18 (121)

Location:  Kogane and Gyōnindai in the Katsushika District of Shimōsa Province

Synopsis:  Details are scarce, but after Ashikaga Yoshiaki ousted the Hara clan from Oyumi Castle, the Hara fled to Kogane, defended by Takagi Taneyoshi.  In a bid to eliminate the Hara forces, Yoshiaki then clashed against the Takagi.

Commanders:  Ashikaga Yoshiaki

Forces:  Unknown

Losses:  Unknown

Commanders:  Takagi Taneyoshi

Forces:  Unknown

Losses:  Unknown

The Battle of Gyōnindai occurred in the sixth month of Eishō 18 (1521) at Kogane and Gyōnindai in the Katsushika District of Shimōsa Province.  The conflict was waged between Ashikaga Yoshiaki (the Oyumi kubō) and Takagi Taneyoshi, the lord of Negiuchi Castle in Kogane in Shimōsa.

Ashikaga Yoshiaki ousted the Hara clan at Oyumi Castle (chief retainers of the Chiba clan) and entered the same castle, adopting the title of the Oyumi kubō.  The Hara fled to Kogane, the governance of which was delegated to the Takagi clan (senior retainers of the Chiba clan) with the intention of mounting a revival.  Therefore, to expel the forces associated with the Hara, Yoshiaki led soldiers to Kogane and fought against Takagi Taneyoshi who defended this location.

The historical records concerning this battle are scarce and the details, including the dates, are uncertain.  There is a legend that in the evening hours in this area, sounds of wailing could be heard which caused the residents to avoid the area.  After the abbot of the Tōzen Temple held memorial services for those killed in battle, the sounds of wailing ceased.  During construction in 1916, a large quantity of human remains was discovered in the area so it is surmised that in fact a violent battle occurred there.