Battle to Traverse Kōda-Kisogawa



Mino Province


Date:  8/22 of Keichō 5 (1600)

Location:  Near the village of Kōdashima along the Kiso River in the Haguri District of Mino Province

Synopsis:  In one of the preliminary clashes leading to the Battle of Sekigahara, Oda Hidenobu, the lord of Gifu Castle aligned with the Western Army, sought to prevent forces of the Eastern Army from traversing the Kiso River, but the Eastern Army succeeded in the crossing by leveraging use of an island in the middle of the river.

Lord:  Oda Hidenobu

Commanders:  Dodo Tsunaie, Iinuma Nagasuke

Forces:  Unknown (there was 9,000 total forces under Hidenobu but positions were dispersed)

Losses:  Unknown

Commanders:  Ikeda Terumasa, Asano Yukinaga, Yamauchi Kazutoyo

Forces:  18,000

Losses:  Unknown

The Battle to Traverse Kōda-Kisogawa occurred on 8/22 of Keichō 5 (1600) as one of the preliminary clashes leading to the Battle of Sekigahara between the Eastern and Western armies.  This battle unfolded primarily at the village of Kōdashima in the Haguri District of Mino Province in bid by the Western Army to prevent the Eastern Army from crossing the Kiso River.  This conflict was waged on the same day as the Battle of Komeno so these are easily regarded as the same battle.  Meanwhile, the Battle of Komeno took place after the Eastern Army completed the crossing and then clashed with the Western Army waiting for them on the opposite side of the river.

On 8/21 of Keichō 5 (1600), led by Ikeda Terumasa, Asano Yukinaga, and Yamauchi Kazutoyo, a total of 18,000 forces in the Eastern Army marched to the village of Kōdashima near the shores of the Kiso River.  Meanwhile, Oda Hidenobu, the lord of Gifu Castle aligned with the Western Army, positioned Dodo Tsunaie, Iinuma Nagasuke and others in the village of Komeno in the Haguri District.  Oda Nobuhide devised a strategy to destroy the enemy in Komeno and then attack their residual forces at the village of Nakaya in Haguri, the village of Shikanō in Kakami, and the village of Kawate in Atsumi.  He formed two lines of defenses with a total of 9,000 forces.

At dawn on 8/22, forces from the Eastern Army led by Ikeda Terumasa resolved to cross the Kiso River.  Relying upon an infantry division, the Western Army attempted to destroy them, but the Eastern Army advanced to Koyaba Island in the Kiso River and set-up a position.  The forces then proceeded toward the village of Komeno on the opposite shore.

Later in the afternoon of the same day, the ensuing clash by the opposing armies in the village of Komeno is known as the Battle of Komeno.  This was followed on 8/23 by the Siege of Gifu Castle which ended with Hidenobu’s surrender after one day.