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An Introduction to Sixteenth Century Japan

Serving as a window in time to sixteenth-century Japan, this site is dedicated to the characters and events in the volatile and, at times, chaotic, circumstances of the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  These periods witnessed the emergence of towering figures in Japanese history who had a profound impact on the future course of the nation and its citizens.

The complex history of sixteenth century Japan is comprised of a vast set of references to people, places, and events.  Comprehending this history can be daunting, and is made more so by a lack of quality English-language sources.  This site aims to provide a comprehensive view of the period by organizing the information in relevant categories, and then connecting it all together with links.  Many of the sections are in tabular format that include links to corresponding Wikipedia pages in Japanese to provide further reference and substantiation of the contents of the English versions.  Translations are continuing.

The contents are organized to enable a full view into these periods.  All dates are based on the ancient Japanese lunisolar calendar (without conversion to Julian or Gregorian calendars).

The major sections include Periods and Eras, Provinces, Clans, Individuals, Incidents and Events, Battles, Governance, and Culture.  Readers can learn what happened from a chronological perspective under the Periods and Era section.  The characters who shaped this period can be studied from the perspective of their clans as well as individuals.  

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